William Turner


Prior to 1982


Alan Turner (1935)


Cigar Maker

Played by


William Turner was the older brother of Alan Turner. He was mentioned by Alan a few times by him in the 1980s and he was always more clever than him. William had died of a heart attack before Alan arrived in 1982 and was never seen in the Emmerdale programme.



William Turner was born in about 1930 in Chichester, Sussex to Mr Turner and Mrs Turner. He was more clever than his younger brother Alan Turner born in 1935. William made money out of cheroots (cigars). He died in the 1970s of a heart attack. Alan Turner named one of his horses after William.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: About 1930

Died: Unknown, circa 1970s

Full Name: William Turner

It is unknown if William married and/or had any children.

Alan Turner wanted to go on a diet in January 1986 and said he would go the way his brother did if he did not lose weight. This indicates that William died of a heart attack.


Siblings Alan Turner

Nephews/Nieces Terence Turner, Steph Forsythe

Great Nieces Tricia Dingle

Uncles Joshua Turner

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