Emmie victoria cottage jul 1999

Victoria Cottage in 1999. Biff, Kathy and Alice Bates.

Victoria Cottage is a property along Main Street, Emmerdale and is the next one along to the left from Keepers Cottage. It was first seen in 1984 in the show when Caroline Bates, the secretary for Alan Turner moved in.

Over the years there has been several residents from Eric and Elizabeth Pollard to Katie Addyman. Chastity Dingle, the now co landlady of The Woolpack, lived in Victoria Cottage with Gennie Walker.Currently Roksh Kotcha and Priya Sharma


The house was built along with the other houses in the main street in about 1700. Nothing is known about the residents before 1984.


Emmie vic cottage 1999

Victoria Cottage in 1999.

The cottage was first featured in the show in 1984 when Caroline Bates moved in. Her children Nick Bates and Kathy Bates joined her in Novemebr 1985. In 1986, Kathy dated Jackie Merrick and they married in February 1988. Kathy moved to Emmerdale Farm. In Marhc 1988 Nick was rejected by a college in Essex that he had enrolled for. He started drinking and arguing with his mum all the time.

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