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Vic Windsor.

Victor "Vic" Windsor was a character in Emmerdale from August 1993 to December 1998. He was the second husband of Viv Windsor, later Hope. He first appeared in Episode 1789 (10th August 1993) and last appeared in Episode 2463 (25th December 1998) after a scuffle with Billy Hopwood during an armed raid at the Post Office. Vic was played by actor Alun Lewis.



Victor Windsor was born on the 3rd May 1958 in Dagenham, Essex. He grew up on a council estate and had childhood memories of Epping Forest near London. He had a sister Gina. In the 1970s, Vic met Anne and they had a daughter Kelly Windsor in December 1980. Annie died in a road accident and Vic met married woman Viv Dawson and they married while her husband Reg Dawson was in prison, and Viv had divorced him. Vic and Viv had a daughter Donna Windsor in December 1985. Viv had a son Scott by Reg. Vic adopted Scott. In 1993 Vic was made redundant from his job at Dagenham Motors. They decided to move up north to Beckindale to run the village shop and post office.


Emmie vic windsor

Vic on the day of his death in 1998.

Vic and his brood arrived in in August 1993. They had just bought the Post Office. Vic soon got off on the wrong foot with Joe Sugden. Vic and Joe put their differences behind them and settled down into life in the village. On the 30th December that year the village was rocked by a plane crash. Vic helped Kim Tate douse the flames from Kim's Stables, Home Farm after it was hit by a fireball. The horses could not be saved though. In January 1994, his stepson Scott suffered with PTSD from witnessing the plane crash.

Memorable info

Birthday: 3rd May 1958

Died: 25th December 1998 (Aged 40)

Full Name: Victor Windsor


Siblings Gina

Spouse Anne Windsor, Viv Dawson (1984-1998)

Children Kelly Windsor (1980), Donna Windsor-Dingle (1985)

Grandchildren Elliot Windsor, April Windsor

Stepchildren Scott Windsor

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