Val Pollard nee Lambert was a character in Emme
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Val Pollard.

rdale, first appearing in 2004. She wed Eric Pollard in 2008 and in 2012 took a break to Portugal after her marriage to him hit the rocks. She was the younger sister of Diane Sugden nee Lambert. Val died in the helicopter crash in August 2015 but appeared as a vision to Eric a few times afterward, and as a ghost in her step nephew Robert Sugden's dream at Christmas 2017. She was played by Charlie Hardwick.




Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: February 1957

Died: 4th August 2015 (Aged 58)

Full Name: Valerie Pollard (Nee Lambert)


Siblings Diane Sugden

Spouse Eric Pollard (2008-2015; her death)

Children Paul Lambert, Sharon Lambert

Nieces Bernice Blackstock

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