Tug Ghyl.

Tug Ghyll is a property which is part of the row of terraces to the right of The Woolpack and is the 3rd house along the terrace inbetween Woodbine Cottage and Dale Head Farm. The current residents of Tug Ghyll are Vanessa Woodfield , Leyla Harding and Carly Hope

The house was first featured in 1979 for a short while when local villager Cully Hotson and his wife and daughter were living there. Wendy Hotson was raped and a local dimwit Poor Ocker was suspected but the real culprit was run over when Cully was chasing him. It is not known when the Hotsons vacated Tug Ghyll but the residents were not seen again until 2002.



In 1979, the Hotson family live
Emmerdale tug ghyl 1979

Tug Ghyll in 1979. Cully Hotson is tending the garden.

d at Tug Ghyll. Cully Hotson and his wife. That year, their daughter Wendy Hotson was raped.


Emmie tug ghyl 2003

The same house, Tug Ghyll in 2003.

n 2002 the house was bought by Kelly Windsor.

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