Emmie malt shovel

The Malt Shovel in 1984

The Malt Shovel, now named The Malt, is Emmerdale Village's other pub, although it has been hinted as being in Robblesfield, probably near the border. Throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s the landlord was Ernie Shuttleworth and he often got up the nose of Amos Brearly, the landlord of The Woolpack, the village's main pub, or "The superior one" according to Brearly.

Until 1980, village gamekeeper Seth Armstrong was a regular drinker at The Malt Shovel. He swapped it for the The Woolpack. When he did, Tom Merrick called him a snob for deserting the Malt Shovel. Upon Tom's return to Beckindale in late 1980 he mentioned the service was quicker in the Malt Shovel of which Amos replied "That's beacuse they have less customers to serve down there".

History and Facts

The Malt Shovel was built sometime before 1900. In 1943, Ernie Shuttleworth took over as the landlord. He later installed a jukebox.

  • According to Diane, the Woolpack was quiet as the Malt was having an anniversary do (episode 7402/7403).


Emmie malt shovel inside 1991

The Malt Shovel interior in 1991.

In 1972

In 1991 Seth, Jock and Bill swapped The Woolpack for.


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