The Grange B&B.

The Grange B&B is the village B&B and is next to The Woolpack. The owners are Eric and Val PollardAlan Turner previously owned the B&B. Many tourists stay here when visiting the village.

For many years the use of the building was not featured in the show but a tanker crashed into it in 1990. It was in 2002 when it became a central building in the storylines. It was where Terence Turner was killed by Dr Adam Forsythe in 2006.


The building was built in about 1700. One time a Mrs Butterworth lived there. The building was right next to a former corn chandlers dwelling which in 1976 became The Woolpack, after the original Woolpack was found to be suffering from subsidence.


02795248 thumb

Chemical tanker crash, 1990.

In 1990 a tanker crashed into Main Street and destroyed the wall of the Grange B&B. Amos Brearly was trapped in the Woolpack cellar.


Emmie grange 2008

The Grange.

Alan Turner took over the running of the Grange in 2002. He had lived in the village for 20 years and once ran Home Farm, aka The Big House. In 2006 his son Terence Turner came to visit. It was revealed that he had abused his sister Steph Forsythe when they were teenagers. A fight with Dr Adam Forsythe lead to Terence's death at the Grange. Alan later sold the B&B to one time devious Eric Pollard, who had mellowed a lot in recent years. Often the villagers, who never seem to be short of money seem to head towards the B&B when they have been thrown out by their partners or relatives, or have walked out on them.

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Known residents over the yearsEdit


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