Emmie teddy hooson

Teddy Hooson after his fight with Jackie Merrick.

Edward "Teddy" Hooson was a minor character in Emmerdale Farm in September and October 1982. He had come back to the village after a few years away in Spalding. He rubbed a few people up the wrong way including Jackie Merrick, which lead to a vicious fight. Teddy was played by Martyn Hesford.



Teddy Hooson was born on October 11th 1963 in Beckindale, the son of Harry Hooson and his wife. When he left school he left Beckindale to moved to Spalding. He worked for NY Estates.


Emmie jackie teddy fight pic 4

Teddy and Jackie fighting.

Teddy was posted back to Beckindale from Spalding by NY Estates. He cut croners and sprayed the potato potato plantation with fertiliser.