Tall Trees, behind the cricket pavilion.

Tall Trees Cottage is a large cottage in Emmerdale Village currently occupied by Marlon Dingle. It is a few hundred yards behind the back of the central area of the village which is Main Street and Church Lane. It was once two cottages believed to be called Ford Cottage and Beck Cottage.

It may be what is left of Demdyke Row, which was mainly destroyed in the 1993 plane crash but this has not been confirmed. In 2006 Noreen Bell lived on her own and one time may have been two cottages later knocked into one.




Emmie marlon donna jan 2006

Marlon and Donna in January 2006. Tall Trees Cottage(Remainder Of Demdyke Row??) is in the background.

The current residents are Marlon Dingle and April Windsor.

Neighbouring PropertiesEdit

Notes on the cottage and observations on it being Demdyke Row.Edit

It has never been confirmed but it has been strongly hinted that Tall Trees Cottage is the remainder of Demdyke Row, which most of it was destroyed in the plane crash on 30th December 1993. In 2011 Marlon Dingle and Rhona, who lived a the cottage were deciding on a name for her unborn baby and Marlon suggested Demdyke, for the place the baby was concieved. Also Tall Trees is as far from Main Street as what Demdyke Row was and is at the top of an incline.

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