Emmie stezza stokes

Stephanie Forsythe in 2004 as Stephanie Stokes.

Mary Stephanie "Steph" Forsythe formerly Stokes nee Turner was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 3258 (3rd September 2002) to 2006 and briefly in 2013, last appearing in Episode 6699 (30th October 2013). She is the daughter of Alan Turner and his wife Jill and younger sister of Terence Turner. She was the mother of Tricia Dingle. Steph was one of the soaps bad girls and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after her involvement in her brothers death. Steph returned for 1 episode in 2013 to her father's funeral. Steph was played by actress Lorraine Chase.



Mary Stephanie Turner was born on the 2nd July 1953 in Sussex or London to young parents Alan Turner and wife Jill. They married a few years later when Alan was 25. From her 11th birthday in July 1964 to about 1968 Mary was sexually abused by her older brother Terence Turner. Steph left home in about 1971 and married a man with the surname Stokes and they had a daughter Tricia Stokes in June 1976. Mary became estranged from her father. During her lifetime, Mary spent time in HMP Hollway, London. She gained a reputation for being a fearsome woman.


Steph arrived in Emmerdale in 2002 at her daughter Tricia's engagement party and she hit Marlon Dingle after disapproving of him seeing Tricia. She then kissed him.


In October 2013, Stephanie returned for the funeral of her father Alan. She was given compassionate release from prison to attend the funeral. She tried to escape but was recaptured. She was then returned to prison.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 2nd July 1953

Full Name: Mary Stephanie Forsythe (Later Stokes, nee Turner)


  • In 1983 Alan Turner said to Barbara Peters that Mary was 17 now, so born 1965 or 1966. 20 years later this was altered to 1953 as part of a storyline surrounding Terence abusing her when they were children, also this was to make the character of Steph a suitable age to have given birth to Tricia in 1976.


Father Alan Turner

Mother Jill Turner

Siblings Terence Turner

Spouse Mr Stokes (c1975-??), Dr Adam Forsythe (2006)

Children Tricia Dingle (1976)

Aunts/Uncles William Turner