Skipdale is a village in between Emmerdale and Hotten and is the home of a brewery called Skipdale Brewery. A
Emmie skipdale bridge destroyed

Skipdale Bridge in Emmerdale, near Skipdale, after being hit by plane debris.

bridge in Emmerdale is named Skipdale Bridge. Skipdale is rarely seen in the show.

History and FactsEdit

  • Dolly knew a good firm in Skipdale for staffing dinner parties (episode 1412).
  • Mr Carter of butchers, 'Jacksons' in Skipdale turns up at Hotten Cattle Market. Kate Sugden inferred that their prices were expensive (episode 1413).
  • In 2007, Bob Hope mentions that he intended to get the twins' Christening cake from a "swanky bakery" in Skipdale but didn't get around to it (episode 4665).
  • In 2012 Megan Macey found a disturbed Zak Dingle by the side of the road on Skipdale Road.

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