Emmie ian macarthur

Sgt Ian MacArthur.

Sgt Ian MacArthur was a recurring character in Emmerdale from 1980 to December 1993 and appeared in 191 episodes. He was the village policeman and lived at what is now Mulberry Cottage. He was played by Martin Dale.




Emmie 31 aug 1993

Sgt Ian McArthur in 1993.

Sgt McArthur took over as the Beckindale village policeman in 1980.

After 1993Edit

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 1939

Full Name: Ian McArthur


Spouse Mrs McArthur

See alsoEdit

First appearance Episode 625 (9th December 1980)

Last appearance Episode 1826 (16th December 1993)

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