Sandy Thomas is a character in Emmerdale. He first a
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Sandy Thomas.

ppeared in Episode 4197 (6th November 2005) and is the father of Reverand Ashley Thomas. Sandy has become one of the shows great elder characters and has never been short of witty lines and a bellowing sandpaper type voice. He is played by Freddie Jones.



Sandy Thomas was born on the 22nd March 1933. His real first name may be Alexander. Sandy joined the Navy in about 1950 and came out in 1958. He then met and married and had 3 children, Ashley, Luke and Nikita. His wife Dorothy Thomas fell ill and was terminal. He helped her die and this lead to estrangement between Sandy and his son.


In 2005 San
Emmie sandie thomas

Sandy in 2009.

dy arrived in Emmerdale Village for Ashley's wedding to Laurel Potts. There was tension between Ashley and Sandy due to Sandy helping Ashley's mum Dorothy die from a terminal illness. Sandy's granddaughter Jasmine Thomas, Ashley's niece, wanted Sandy around. Sandy even was accused of kidnapping Belle Dingle at Christmas when she went missing.

Sandy moved in with Betty Eagleton at Keepers Cottage. He left Emmerdale in March 2008 but returned the following year.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 25th March 1933

Full Name: Sandy (Alexander??) Thomas.

Sandy's real first name may be Alexander but this has never been confirmed.


Spouse Dorothy Thomas (??-??)

Children Ashley Thomas, Luke Thomas, Nikita Thomas

Grandchildren Jasmine Thomas, Arthur Thomas, Gabby Thomas

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