Emmie sadie 2006

Sadie King.

Sadie Jacqueline King was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 3735 (10th May 2004) to Episode 4470/4471 (21st September 2006). She was the wife of Jimmy King. She was the sassy businesswoman who was a match for Kim Tate in the bitchiness status. She was played by Patsy Kensit.



Sadie Campbell was born in 1970. In 1990 she wed businessman Jimmy King. They never had any children.


Emmie sadie

Sadie King.

Sadie King breezed into Emmerdale Village in May 2004. She arrived by helicopter. Sadie was a woman who knew what she wanted.

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Spouse Jimmy King (1990-2005), Alasdair Sinclair (2006)

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