Ruby Haswell was a character in Emmerda
Emmie ruzza haswell

Ruby Haswell.

le. She first appeared in Episode 6057 (20th October 2011) and died in Episode 7254 (5th August 2015) after the helicopter crashed into the Village Institute. She lives with her lesbian partner Ali Spencer at Brook Cottage. She works as a carer. Ruby was played by Alicya Eyo.



Ruby Haswell was born on the 7th July 1978.


In October 2011, Ruby and Ali moved to Emmerdale and moved into Brook Cottage (Mill Brook Cottage). Ruby was a carer plus had a job at Cafe Main Street. In February 2014 she was subject to racial abuse from William Makepeace.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 7th July 1978

Died: August 2015 (Aged 37)

Full Name: Ruby Haswell


Mother Lindy Haswell

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