Rosemary Kendall was a ch
Emmie rozza kendall

Rosemary Kendall.

aracter in Emmerdale Farm from Episode 235 (17th February 1975) to Episode 314 (13th April 1976). She was a distant cousin of Annie Sugden and worked as a farmhand at Emmerdale Farm. Rosemary was played by actress Lesley Manville.



Rosemary Kendall was born in late February 1958 in Middlesborough, the daughter of Arthur Kendall and Jean Kendall. Arthur's mother was from Beckindale in Yorkshire and was the sister of Sam Pearson. Sam had a daughter Annie Sugden (Nee Pearson).


In March 1975 Rosemary came to sta
Emmie annie in shop 1975

Rosemary Kendall in 1975 in the shop.

y at Emmerdale Farm after her mother Jean became depressed and was admitted to a mental home for a while. Joe Sugden called her Rosie of which she took offence at. She liked to be called Rosemary.
Emmie rosemary kendall

Rosemary (right) with Annie at Emmerdale Farm in October 1975.

Rosemary became a farm hand but was sometimes treated a bit unfairly by Joe Sugden. Joe was always put straight by Annie. In October 1975, Jean Kendall came to stay at Emmerdale Farm for a short while. She was suffering from depression. Rosemary decided to stay at Emmerdale Farm.

Towards the end of 1975 Rosemary was getting friendly with Martin Gimbel, son of the tyrannical Jim Gimbel.

In April 1976 Rosemary left Emmerdale Farm to return to Middlesborough. She was never seen or heard from again.

First appearance Episode 235 (17th February 1975)

Last appearance Episode 314 (13th April 1976)

Memorable infoEdit

Born: February 1958

Full Name: Rosemary Kendall


Father Arthur Kendall Jnr

Mother Jean Kendall

Grandfathers Arthur Kendall

Grandmothers Rosemary Pearson

Great uncles Sam Pearson

First cousins once removed Annie Sugden

Second cousins Jack Sugden, Joe Sugden, Peggy Skilbeck

Second cousins once removed Jackie Merrick, Samuel and Sally Skilbeck, Robert Sugden, Victoria Sugden

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