Emmie rose cottage

Rose Cottage in 1973. The house on the left.

Rose Cottage was a location seen briefly in Emmerdale Farm in 1973. The tenant was Charlie Nelson, a cantankerous, raucous old man. It was part of a small row of cottages located down Cricket Lane on the moors near Beckindale. By 1973 Charlie had been the tenant of the cottage for 50 years. That same time Andrew Watson became his landlord when he bought the row of cottages. But Andrew quickly pulled out and left for London. Charlie kept his house quite squalid. It was full of junk, bird droppings and straw.

It was mentioned again by Annie Sugden in January 1980 as being down Cricket Lane, Beckindale. She mentioned the Yates family lived there so by then Charlie had died or left the house.


1973, 1980Edit

Emmie inside rose cottage 1973

Inside Rose Cottage. Charlie Nelson is in bed.

By 1973, Charlie Nelson lived in squalor in Rose Cottage. He had a dog and chickens in the back yard. The house was full of junk. Andrew Watson offered Charlie £500 to leave. In the end Charlie decided to stay.

By 1980, Charlie had died and the Yates family lived there.


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