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Rodney Blackstock.

Rodney Blackstock is a character in Emmerdale, having first appeared in Episode 2771 (24th October 2000). He is the father of Bernice and Nicola King and the first husband of Diane Sugden. He is played by Patrick Mower.



Rodney Blackstock was born on the 12 December 1949. His parents were circus travellers. Rodney met Diane Lambert in 1965 at a fairground when she was 18 and he was 16. They married in 1966.


Emmie rodders

Publicity shot of Rodney Blackstock.

In October 2000, Rodney arrived in Emmerdale Village to see Diane.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 12 December 1949

Full Name: Rodney Blackstock


Spouse Diane Lambert (1966-1974), Maureen Blackstock

Children Bernice Blackstock (1968), Nicola King (1978), Paul Lambert

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