Robbie Lawson was a c
Emmie robbie late 2013

Robbie Lawson.

haracter in Emmerdale, having debuted in Episode 6239 (16th May 2012) and last appeared in Episode 6983 (25th September 2014).  He was the son of Megan Macey and half nephew of Declan Macey. Megan had given Robbie up as a baby. Robbie was partly antagonistic when he interacted with his employer Debbie Dingle and had planned dodgy work with his friend Adam Barton. Robbie was shot dead by his deranged uncle Declan when trying to rescue Charity Macey from him. He was played by Jamie Shelton.




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Robbie in 2012.

Declan decided to track Robbie down and found him living in a flat. Robbie later met up with his mother Megan and after a while he created havoc after moving into Home Farm. At first Declan was sympathetic but as he realised Robbie was bad news he started to be tougher with his half nephew. In August 2012 Robbie opened a gate and let the horses run amok and insulted Katie Sugden branding her a gold digger.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 20th April 1990

Died: October 2014 (Aged 24)

Full Name: Robert Lawson


Father Simon Beck

Mother Megan Macey

Grandfathers Dermot Macey

Half Uncles Declan Macey

Siblings Eliza Macey (half, same mother)

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