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Richard Anstey.

Richard Anstey was a character in Emmerdale Farm who first appeared in Episode 549 (29th January 1980). He was the successor to Maurice Westrop as Home Farm manager until Westrop returned. When Westrop was transferred to Wales in May 1980, Richard took over as permanent manager. Richard was sacked in 1981 by Christopher Meadows for having an affair with his secretary and left the village. He last appeared in Episode 696 (5th November 1981). Richard was played by Carl Rigg.




Richard was appointed the new Home Farm manager in 1980. He let out a caravan to Pat Merrick and her 2 children. Richard and Joe Sugden debated over a tree plantation. In November 1981, Richard was sacked for having an affair. He quickly left Beckindale, never to be seen again.

In Episode 1225 (24th February 1988), 7 years after his departure, Seth mentioned Richard Anstey.

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Siblings: Janet Anstey

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