Emmie explosion field plane crash

An explosion caused by plane wreckage after the plane crashed.

This is a page dedicated to both the plane crash and storm. Separate pages on the wiki are of both events but this is one for both events combined. The plane crash devastated the village of Beckindale on the dark night of 30th December 1993. Fires, explosions and carnage ripped through the village, destroying buildings and claiming lives.

By a sheer coincidence, bang on 10 years later, on the dark night of the 31st December 2003 a storm ravaged through the village. The Woolpack was partially damaged by lightning, the bus stop destroyed, telegraph poles knocked down and roof slates fell off roofs and Ashley Thomas was injured and Tricia Dingle was killed by falling rubble from the pub when picking up paper which had blown out of her hand from the list husband Marlon had made out for her giving 101 reasons why he loved her.

Plane Crash EpisodesEdit

The Storm EpisodesEdit

The Plane Crash And Storm In PicturesEdit

Emmie archie blown up plane crashh

Archie Brooks is vapourised by aviation fuel.

Emmie kims stables plane crash

Burning plane wreckage hits Kim's Stables.

Emmie explosion field plane crash

An explosion caused by plane wreckage after the plane crashed.

Emmie plane crash woolpack

Burning wreckage from the plane crashes into the Woolpack.

Emmie joe sugden plane crash

Joe Sugden dodges burning wreckage and crashes his car as a result.

Emmie hotten road plane crash

Fireballs rip through Beckindale after the plane crashed.

Emmie diane and marlon find tricia

10 years later, on the very same spot as Kathy and Josh stood, Marlon and Diane find Tricia under the rubble of the wrecked Woolpack front.

Emmie kathy josh plane crash

Kathy Tate and Josh Lewis on the night of the plane crash outside the Woolpack.

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