Phyllis King is the aunty of Tom King.
Emmie phyllis king 2005

Phyllis King.

She has appeared on occasions since 2004, first at Tom's non wedding to Charity. Phyllis was played by Sheila Burrell.



Phyllis King was born in about 1925 in Beckindale. She had an older brother Albert King.


Phyllis King, now aged about 80, turned up in Janua
Emmie phyllis king

Phyllis King with Bob Hope, right, and Carl King, to the left.

ry 2005 in the village to visit her great nephew Tom King and her great, great nephews Jimmy King, Matthew King, Carl King and Max King

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: About 1925

Full Name: Phyllis King

Phyllis was addressed as Mrs King, indicating that she may have been an aunty by marriage to Tom, perhaps married to Tom's dads brother.


Siblings Albert King

Nephews Tom King

Great nephews/Nieces Jimmy KingMatthew King, Carl King, Max King, Scarlett Nicholls




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