Pear Tree Cottage, now home of Beauty And Bernice.

Pear Tree Cottage is a house on the end of a row of 4 cottages in Main Street, Emmerdale. It is separated from The Woolpack by a slip road which runs to the pub car park at the rear. It was used as the offices of Emmerdale Haulage from 2004 until 2014 and was owned by Jimmy King. In 2014, Bernice Blackstock took over the property and turned it into a hair salon called Beauty And Bernice.


The residents of Pear Tree Cottage in 1980 was John Tuplin and his wife Mary
Emmie tom outside pear tree cottage 1982

Tom Merrick parked at the front of Pear Tree Cottage, 1982.

and their 4 children. John was a worker for NY Estates.


In 2004 it was bought by Tom King and was used as his office for his business 'King and Sons'. When Matthew King died in 2008 it was still used by the Kings but for their new business 'Emmerdale Haulage'. In 2014 it was purchased by Bernice White and she opened her business 'Beauty and Bernice' in the front two rooms, employing Kerry Wyatt. In the back room Megan Macey and Leyla Harding opened up a wedding planning business. After Megan found out about Leyla having an affair with her husband Jai Sharma she left the business but has recently bought back in.

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