Emmie ep 209

Norah Norris at Beckindale shop.

Norah Norris (nee Clegg) was a character in Emmerdale Farm from 1974 to 1975. She was first seen in August 1974 and soon got a job at the village shop. She ran the shop when Alison Gibbons left the village. Norah was a fiesty lady and an eye for gossip. In 1975 she walked out of the shop after she felt Mr Wilks did not trust her. Norah took over the running of the shop after Liz Ruskin and her husband left. She last appeared in 1975 when Mrs Dawkins took over the shop. She was played by Barbara Ashcroft.


Norah Clegg was born in the 1930s. She married Norman Norris.


Norah Norris introduced herself to Amos Brearly in the Woolpack.

Memorable infoEdit


Spouse Norman Norris




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