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Ned Glover.

Edward "Ned" Glover was a fictional character in Emmerdale from Episode 1891 (2nd August 1994) to 1999, reappearing briefly in 2000, last appearing in Episode 2729 (2nd August 2000). He was the father of Dave and Roy Glover and Linda Fowler nee Glover and the husband of Jan. Ned was a good family man but also a bit of a hardnut. Ned had grown up in Beckindale and knew the Sugden's for years. In 1997 he mentioned the original Woolpack. Ned was played by Johnny Leeze.



Edward Glover was born on the 4th September 1947 in Beckindale. He was nickanmed "Ned" a pet name for Edward. Ned used to hang out with Jack Sugden when they were kids. Ned used to drink in The Old Woolpack. They had a son Dave Glover in 1973, Linda Glover in 1977 and Roy Glover in 1980. In 1977, Ned apparently used to eye up barmaid Dolly Acaster.


Emmie neddie

Ned Glover.

In August 1994, Ned and the family moved back to the village. Ned got chatting with his old friend Joe Sugden. Ned later got into a bare knuckle fight with Zak Dingle.

In 1998, Ned and Jan divorced. In 1999, Ned left to run a bar in Ibiza. In July 2000, Ned returned to Emmerdale to ask Roy if he will join him. Ned stayed for a few weeks and finalised a few things. In August 2000, Ned left the village forever and took Roy with him to Ibiza.

First appearance Episode 1891 (2nd August 1994)

Last appearance Episode 2729 (2nd August 2000)

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 4th September 1947

Full Name: Edward Glover


Spouse Jan Glover (Unknown maiden name) (1971 to 1998; divorced)

Children Dave Glover, Linda Fowler, Roy Glover

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