Emmie nattie wylde

Natasha Wylde.

Natasha Wylde was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 5197 (15th January 2009) to Episode 5771 (24th November 2010). She was the "wife" of Mark Wylde, not knowing that he had never divorced from his first wife Faye. The Wylde family, also consisting of their 3 children Nathan, Maisie and Will Wylde lived at Home Farm after buying the place in early 2009. Natasha shot Mark and this ended in her being sentenced to prison for 21 years in November 2010. Natasha was played by Amanda Donohoe.




In 2009, Natasha and her family moved into Home Farm in Emmerdale Village. In June 2009, Natasha found that her husband Mark had been married to Faye Lamb and his real name was Daniel Lamb. He had married Faye before he met Natasha. In January 2010, Natasha shot dead Mark. Natasha vied with Declan Macey to stitch up Ryan Lamb over the killing. In November 2010 Natasha was sent to prison for killing Mark. She was given 21 years for the murder.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: June 1962

Full Name: Natasha Wylde


Spouse Mark Wylde (bigamous)

Children Maisie Wylde, Nathan Wylde (1984), Will Wylde (1999)

Siblings 1 sister