Emmerdale mulberry

Mulberry Cottage.

Mulberry Cottage is the end house in Main Street, Emmerdale nearest the main Hotten Road which runs through Emmerdale Village. It is the oldest building in the village, having been built in 1656. It is the current vicarage and the home of Ashley Thomas and his wife Laurel, and children Gabby and Arthur plus Ashleys father Sandy Thomas. They rent it when Debbie Dingle is away.

In the 1980s it was Beckindale police station.



Mulberry Cottage was built in 1656. It later became Beckindale Police Station. PC Fred Hallam would have been based there.


Emmie sam pearson with mates

Village elders outside Mulberry Cottage in 1975.

A close up shot of the exterior of Mulberry Cottage was seen briefly in 1975.


In February 1976, city police officer PC Will Croft moved to the village and lived at the cottage. Croft had been admonished by police chiefs for being to slack so towed a strict line in arrival in Beckindale. He wanted to arrest Fred Farrar for poaching. It turned out the bird was dead and had dropped from a tree onto the road, which is common land, meaning it was anybodys to pick up afterwards.


Was home to Debbie Dingle, with her children Sarah and Jack. Then again became the home of Ashley and Laurel.

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