Lena Dawkins was a recurring
Emmie mrs dawkins

Mrs Dawkins.

character in Emmerdale from 1973 to 1976. She first appeared in Episode 102 (9th October 1973) and last appeared in Episode 299 (23rd February 1976), appearing in 40 episodes in total. She took over the running of the village shop for a while when Norah Norris had enough and walked out. Mrs Dawkins featured in the show quite prominently in the spring of 1975 and was still running the shop in 1976. Mrs Dawkins was a strong minded character and took no nonsense especially off her boss Henry Wilks. She was played by Lorriane Peters.


Lena Dawkins




Mr Dawkins




Shop Owner



First Appearance

Episode 102 (9th October 1973)

Last Appearance

Episode 299 (23rd February 1976)

Played By

Lorraine Peters


Lena Dawkins was born in Beckindale in about 1935. Her maiden name is unknown. She lived in Beckindale and got married in about 1955 to Mr Dawkins. Lena was a local gossip and had a sharp tongue.


Emmie shop interior 1976

Mrs Dawkins, left, with Annie and Henry.

Mrs Dawkins was first seen in October 1973 in the shop chatting to Alison Gibbons. She was a no nonsense, slightly fiery lady. In July 1974 she had a mini argument with Dryden Hogben and went to The Woolpack in which she downed a pint in one go. In early 1975 Norah Norris had to rush off and left Mrs Dawkins in charge of the shop. Norah later left and Mrs Dawkins took over the run
Emmie shop scene 23 Feb 1976

Mrs Dawkins, Mr Wilks and Annie Sugden at the shop in 1976.

ning of Beckindale shop and post office. She disrupted Wilf Padgett from his work installing the post office as he claimed she talked too much. Lena took no nonsense from anybody, even her boss Henry Wilks. She even reported Amos Brearly for having a rubbish in the Woolpack. Lena Dawkins also once stood up to Amos. She was last seen in February 1976 and left the shop inbetween then and 1988 when a Mrs Robson ran the place. In early 1976 Mrs Dawkins was fully established at the shop.

After she was last seen in February 1976 she was not seen or mentioned again in the show. It is likely she left Beckindale after 1976.

As of 2018, Mrs Dawkins whereabouts are unknown.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 1935

Full Name: Lena Dawkins (Unknown Maiden Surname)

First Line:

Final Line: "Fred Farrar. A Poacher. Who'd believe it?"

If Mrs Dawkins became a more regular character then she would have made a great character in the show. She was not a minor character but a semi regular or regular recurring character.


Spouse Mr Dawkins (c1955-)