Rev. Donald Hinton's son, Clive, is entertaining local farming siblings, Ruth and Ian Hepton over a few drinks at the vicarage. Ian is still against the scheme to extract valuable deposits from the mine, especially now it's looking more complicated. Their friend Rod Blake then arrives, with the news that he's got the explosives all fixed up which means they're ready for the big bang. They all drink to their good fortune, except Ian, who is more worried than ever

The next day Ian, Rod and Clive travel up to the mine to commence with the proceedings. Meanwhile Joe arrives at the farm to make a call and Ruth, not being able to work for worrying about Ian, persuades himm to take her up to the mine. They drive off. At the mine, the preparations are almost done as Rod fixes up the electrics. And while they are still inside, Ruth and Joe arrive on the outside. But as they walk towards the mouth of the mine, there is an explosion.

In the aftermath of the accident, both Clive and Rod have both been found unconscious and taken to hospital.

Rev. Hinton and Annie travel to the hospital where Clive is kept in hospital as a precaution. They find out that Rod's condition is slowly, but surely, improving but when they ask about Clive, they receive a shock. He has discharged himself from the hospital and disappeared.


Clive Hinton entertains Ian & Ruth at the vicarage.


...where they discuss plans for the up and coming mine expedition.


At the mine, Clive, Ian and Rod set up the electrics.


Outside, Joe & Ruth walk towards the mouth of the mine, when suddenly...


BANG!!! The mine explodes.


Ruth & Joe go down the mine in search of Rod, Clive and Ian.


Clive & Ian have both been found with cuts and bruises, and Rod is brought out unconscious.


At the hospital Annie & Rev. Hinton are told that Rod is improving, but Clive has discharged himself.

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