Emmie micky naylor

Mick Naylor.

Mick Naylor was a character in Emmerdale who first appeared in Episode 5132 (3rd November 2008) and last appeared in Episode 5320 (12th June 2009). He was a farmhand who once knew Jack Sugden. Mick was played by Tony Haygarth.



Mick Naylor was born in about 1945. He knew Jack Sugden as a young man. Mick married and had a son who later married and had a son himself, Mick's grandson Lee Naylor born in 1984.


Emmie mick naylor

Mick Naylor.

Mick turned up at Holdgate Farm to complain to Jo Sugden. He had He complains that her broken fence has caused cows to go onto his boss' farm. Mick then demands compensation after it is discovered that Sam Dingle sold some of Mick's cows by accident. The following day, Mick returns with his grandson Lee Naylor and they soon fixed their differences.


Spouse Carol Naylor

Children Mr Naylor

Grandchildren Lee Naylor

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