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Megan Macey.

Megan Sharma (nee Macey) is a character in Emmerdale, first appearing in Episode 6166 (21st February 2012). She is the fiesty half sister of Declan Macey, owner of Home Farm. Since her arrival she has rubbed a few villagers up the wrong way including Katie Sugden and the Bartons. Megan is played by Gaynor Faye.



Megan Macey was born on the 4th June 1971 to Irishman Dermot Macey and his second wife. In about 1990 she had a secret son called Robbie.


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Robbie with mum Megan.

On the 21 February 2012, Megan Macey arrived in Emmerdale to stay at Home Farm with half brother Declan. Megan was stunned when her long lost son Robbie Lawson tracked her down when he found the name of his birth mother. Megan allowed Robbie to stay at Home Farm. Declan was nice to Robbie at first but then saw what a troublemaker Robbie was after Robbie made a pass at Katie Macey, Declan's girlfriend. Megan later dated Jai Sharma and they married in 2015.


Father Dermot Macey

Siblings Declan Macey (half, same father)

Spouse: Jai Sharma (2015-)

Children Robbie Lawson (1990), Eliza Macey (2016)

Stepson: Archie Breckle