Emmie maurice westrop

Maurice Westrop in 1980. Photo courtesy of Beckindale Bugle.

Maurice Westrop was the manager of NY Estates from Episode 491 (9th January 1979) to Episode 582 (22nd May 1980). During his time his daughter Judy turned up. Maurice was relocated to Wales in 1980 and was taken over by Richard Anstey. Maurice was about 60 in 1979. Maurice mentioned he had a sister in 1979.

Maurice Westrop left Beckindale in May 1980 for ever but was mentioned in 1983 by Alan Turner when they met offscreen at an NY Estates conference. Judy Westrop stayed on for two months until she left in the summer of 1980 to take a job elsewhere. Maurice was played by Edward Dentith.

Maurice Westrop


1919 or 1920


1 wife (unknown first name)


Bruce, Judy


1 sister. First name not stated.

First Appearance

January 1979

Last Appearance

May 1980.



Character Classification

Former, regular.



Maurice Westrop was born in about 1920. He had a sister. Maurice worked in farming then worked his way up to a career in management and later became one of the managers for the agglomerate NY Estates. He had a wife and daughter Judy.


Memorable InfoEdit

Birthday: 1920

Full Name: Maurice Westrop

In 1983 Alan Turner met Maurice Westrop offscreen and referred to that in an episode.


Siblings 1 sister (first name not revealed)

Spouse Mrs Westrop

Children Judy Westrop