Mary Grace King (Nee McSween) was the wife of Tom King. She
Emmie mary king grave

Mary King's grave.

was born in 1941 and married Tom in about 1964 and they had 4 children, Jimmy, Max, Carl and Matthew King. Mary died in February 1986 in Beckindale and was buried in the churchyard.



Mary Grace McSween was born on the 13th May 1941, probably in Beckindale. She met and married Tom King in 1964
Emmie close up of mary king grave

Mary King's grave.

and they had 4 children, Jimmy King in 1965, Matthew King in 1968, Carl King in 1973 and Max King in 1979. Mary King fell ill in 1985 and died on the 28th February 1986 aged 44. One of her nurses was Carrie Nicholls. Tom King and his family then left the village.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 13th May 1941

Died: 28th February 1986

Full Name: Mary Grace King (Nee McSween).

In 2013, Jimmy King mentioned that his mums maiden name was McSween.

Some sources say Mary was born in Scotland. This may have been mentioned in the show.


Spouse Tom King (1964-1986)

Children Jimmy King, Matthew King, Carl King, Max King

Grandchildren Angelica King, Thomas King, Anya King

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