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Lisa Dingle.

Lisa Dingle (Previosuly Clegg) is a long running character in Emmerdale, having first appeared in Episode 2106 (13th August 1996). She wed Zak Dingle in 1998 and they had a daughter that year. In 2011 Lisa was raped by Derek Benrose who was then a good friend of Zak. Lisa got over her ordeal but later split from Zak after he had an affair with Joanie Wright. Lisa is played by Jane Cox.



Lisa Grecer was born in February 1956. She was friends with Lizzie Lakeley. Lisa married Barry Clegg in 1978.


Dingle, Lisa-1st shot-1996-08-13

First shot of Lisa Clegg (in background), talking to Zak. August 1996.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 18th February 1956

Full Name: Lisa May Dingle (previously Clegg, nee Grecer)

  • Lisa is afraid of flying (episode 2279)
  • Very little is known about Lisa's early background other than when she wed Barry in 1978. Her maiden name is Grecer.


Spouse Barry Clegg (1978-??), Zak Dingle (1998-2015)

Children Belle Dingle (1998)

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