Emmie leeie naylor

Lee Naylor.

Lee Naylor was a character in Emmerdale from 2008 to 2009. He was the grandson of Mick Naylor. Lee was played by Lewis Linford.



Lee Naylor was born in 1984. He was the grandson of farmhand Mick Naylor and his wife Carol Naylor.


Lee and his grandad arrived in the village in 2008. Lee helps Jo Sugden out at Butlers Farm. Lee is a gamekeeper. He and Jo get on well from the start, and when in mid-December 2008, he has to remove his shirt after fixing some plumbing, Mick warns him not to flirt with Jo too much. In late December, Lee catches Andy sabotaging the washing machine so Jo will ask him over to do the repair. They get into a fight, and Andy is thrown out. Jo decides she needs to leave the village, and Lee agrees to help her. She leaves on 22 December.

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Father Mr Naylor

Grandfathers Mick Naylor

Grandmothers Carol Naylor

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