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Lachlan White.

Lachlan White is a character in Emmerdale who was first seen in October 2014. He is the son of Chrissie White. Lachlan has developed a crush on Belle Dingle. Lachlan will depart the show later in 2017. Lachlan is played by Thomas Atkinson.



Lachlan White was born on the 26th July 2000 to Chrissie White and Donny Cairn. The family lived in Robblesfield.



Lachlan White

Lachlan White arrived in the village when his mother Chrissie grandfather Lawrence White bought Home Farm. He lived in Home Farm with Chrissie, Lawrence and Robert Sugden. Lachlan developed a crush on Belle Dingle. He started taking candid shots of her from afar. Lachlan developed a crush on Alicia Metcalfe and attacked her in February 2015, he then tried to get David arrested for drugs he placed in his shop.

In October 2016, Lachlan gets kidnapped by Robert's boyfriend Aaron Dingle after threatens to lie that Robert sexually abuse him. Lachlan escape and runs to the quarry where Aaron and Robert catch him. Lachlan make his own escape after Aaron crashes his car into the lake. The next day, Lachlan lie to his family where he was after Chrissie question him why he skipped school. Chrissie gets suspicious on Lachlan after notice his clothes is washed but Lachlan quickly lie that he spills on his clothes.

The day after, Lachlan exposes Rebecca's affair with Robert in the Woolpack on Rebecca's birthday that resulting Chrissie and Rebecca slaps each other and conforms each other with home truth.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 26 July 2000

Full Name: Lachlan White


Mother Chrissie Sugden

Father Donny Cairn

Stepfather Robert Sugden

Grandfathers John Richards

Grandmothers Ellen White

Adoptive Grandfathers Lawrence White

Aunts Rebecca White

Great Uncles Tim Richards