Emmie kelly windsor aug 1999

Kelly Windsor in 1999.

Kelly Windsor, later Glover, was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 1789 (10th August 1993) to 2000, then from 2005 to 2007 and again for a short time in 2011. Kelly was one of the superbitches of Emmerdale and has conned and cheated her way through life, from cheating to theft. One major storyline was her relationship with her step brother Scott Windsor. Kelly was played by Adele Silva.



Kelly Windsor was born on the 5th December 1980 in London to Vic Windsor and Anne Windsor. Anne died when Kelly was 4 and Vic married Viv Dawson. Viv had a son Scott Dawson from her first marriage. Scott took on Vic's surname. Vic and Viv had a daughter Donna Windsor in 1985.


Emmie kelly 1999

Kelly in 1999.

Kelly arrived in Beckindale in August 1993 with her family, father Vic, half sister Donna, and stepmum Viv and stepbrother Scott. Just a few months later, a plane crashed on the village. Kelly was almost killed when a fireball hit Kim's Stables, Home Farm. Kelly became friends with her schoolfriend Roy Glover. They dated.

In 1997 Kelly was part of a local tribute act to the smash hit band The Spice Girls. 63 year old Betty Eagleton wanted to be a part but Kelly said we want Sporty, Posh, Ginger, Baby and Scary not Wrinkly.

In 1999, Kelly was due to marry Roy but Scott said he slept with her. Tricia Fisher said they could not have done as Scott was impotent since Vic died last December. Kelly and Roy's marriage hit the rocks and they split up for good in 2000. Roy left for Ibiza that August. Kelly then tried to seduce Viv's boyfriend Bob Hope. When Viv found out, her and Kelly had a fight. After 7 years in the village, Kelly then decided to leave and start a new life in London, where she was originally from.



Memorable infoEdit

Born: 5th December 1980

Full Name: Kelly Windsor


Father Vic Windsor

Mother Anne Windsor

Siblings Donna Windsor-Dingle (half, same father)

Step-siblings Scott Windsor

Spouse Roy Glover (1999-2000)

Children Elliot Windsor

Nieces April Windsor