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Kathy Gimbel.

Kathy Davis (Nee Gimbel) was a character in Emmerdale from 1974 to 1977. She first appeared in Episode 205 (28th October 1974) and last appeared in Episode 376 (28th July 1977). She was the daughter of Jim Gimbel and Freda Gimbel and had a relationship with Joe Sugden. They became live in lovers in 1977 when they moved into a cottage in Demdyke Row. After her father shot himself Kathy left Beckindale to live in Leeds with her mother. Kathy was played by Polly Hemingway.



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Martin Gimbel Davey Gimbel

Kathy Gimbel was born in 1952 in Beckindale the eldest child of Jim and Freda Gimbel. She married Terry Davies in about 1972. Kathy became pregnant but had a miscarriage. In 1974 she left Terry and moved back to Holly Farm.


Emmie Gimbel family 1975

Kathy with her parents and brother Martin in October 1975.

Kathy started seeing Joe Sugden in late 1974 after he split up with Christine Sugden after just 6 weeks of marriage.

In early 1977 Joe and Kathy moved into a cottage in Demdyke Row. Joe and Kathy split up and she moved to Hotten after her dad died. Kathy has not been back to the village since.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1952

Full Name: Katherine Gimbel (Later Davies)


Father Jim Gimbel

Mother Freda Gimbel

Siblings Martin Gimbel, Davey Gimbel

Spouse Terry Davis (??-c1975) divorced

Aunties 2 aunties

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