Kathy Brookman (previously Merrick and Tate, nee Bates) was a
Emmie kathy 1988

Kathy in August 1988 when she was Kathy Merrick, then wed to Jackie Merrick.

character in Emmerdale from Episode 1004 (26th November 1985) to Episode 3073 (20th December 2001). She made a brief return for four episodes in 2005 for Seth Armstrong's funeral, her last appearance being Episode 4193 (1st November 2005). She is the daughter of Caroline Bates and her husband Malcolm and sister of Nick Bates. Kathy was played by Malandra Burrows.



Kathy leaves-2001-12-20

Kathy departs the village. December 2001.


On 20th December 2001, Kathy leaves the village to live in Australia with her niece, Alice Bates.


Brookman, Kathy-2005-11-01

Kathy (now Brookman). November 2005.

When Seth Armstrong returns from Australia to the UK, Kathy accompanies him on the flight. Unfortunately, Seth dies on the journey. She visits Betty in Emmerdale and remains for the funeral of Seth. Kathy then returns to Australia.

Memorable infoEdit


Father Malcolm Bates

Mother Caroline Bates

Siblings Nick Bates, William Bates (half, same father)

Grandmothers Alice Wood

Spouse Jackie Merrick (1988-1989), Chris Tate (1991-1995), Dave Glover (1996), Mr Brookman (??-)

Children Miss Brookman

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