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Publicity shot of John Barton. c2009

John Barton was a character in Emmerdale from 17th July 2009 to Episode 6163 (16th February 2012). He was the head of the Barton family of Butlers Farm in Emmerdale Village and had ladies hearts pumping. John was killed in a car accident in February 2012 when he was driving along a country lane with wife Moira Barton. He was played by James Thornton.



John Barton was born in August 1970 the youngest of 2 children, hid older brother being James. His father was a friend of Jack Sugden of Beckindale. John married Moira in 1989 and they had 3 children, Holly, Adam and Hannah.


John and Moira move into Butlers Farm in Emmerdale Village in July 2009.

Memorable infoEdit

Born August 1970

  • According to Moria, photos of John are kept on the stairs in Butler's Farm (episode 7459)


Siblings James Barton

Spouse Moira Barton (1989-2012)

Children Hannah Barton, Holly Barton

Adoptive son/Biological nephew Adam Barton

Other nephews Pete Barton, Ross Barton, Finn Barton

Mother Mrs Barton

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