Emmie joey sugden

Joe Sugden.

Joseph "Joe" Sugden was a character in Emmerdale from its first episode in Episode 1 (16th October 1972) to Episode 1894 (11th August 1994). He was killed off offscreen in a car crash in 1995. Joe was the younger brother of Jack Sugden and the son of Jacob Sugden and Annie Sugden. During his time in Emmerdale he was involved in romances, tragedies and endless wars with older brother Jack. He was also business partners with Alan Turner at Home Farm. Joe was played by Frazer Hines.



Joseph Sugden was born on the 31st May 1949 at Emmerdale Farm, the 3rd and last child of Jacob Sugden and Annie Sugden. He was named after his paternal grandfather Joseph Sugden. In about 1962 when Joe was 12 or 13 he fell out of a tree and broke his toe. Jack his elder brother took him to see the village Doctor. In 1964 Jack left home and young Joe soon left school and began helping out on the family farm. Joe and his brother in law Matt Skilbeck virtually ran the farm. In 1972 his father Jacob wrote out his will leaving the farm to eldest son Jack. Joe was disappointed as Jack was last seen in 1964 and Joe felt she should have got a share since he worked on the farm doing many jobs Jack should have done. In October 1972 Jacob Sugden died of pneumonia.


In 1972, Joe Sugden felt that since Jack returned to claim his inheritance that him and Matt actually ran the farm while Jack swanned off around London. In October 1973, Jack decided to leave Beckindale once again. In late 1973, Joe started dating Christine Sharp from The Milk Marketing Board. They married in September that year but Christine was too ambitious and they both decided they were not right for one another.



Joe returned briefly in November 1984 for the funeral of his grandfather Sam Pearson before returning to France.


Emmie joe seth feb 1988

Joe and Seth in February 1988.

In April 1986 Joe Sugden returned to Beckindale permanently and soon became Regional Manager at NY Estates becoming Alan Turner's boss. Alan was secretly peeved at this.

In January 1988, NY Estates pulled out of Home Farm as they wanted to invest more overseas. Alan and Joe put in a bid for Home Farm and took out a loan. In February 1988 they won a bid at auction and became the owners of Home Farm. Joe and Turner earned £100'000 by felling some trees on the estate. But they struggled as Alan got drunk and was arrested, and lost the business an inportant client. In August that year, Denis Rigg did some secret spying and even made an offer to Joe and Alan, as he planned to con them.

Death in June 1995

First appearance Episode 1 (16th October 1972)

Last appearance Episode 1894 (11th August 1994)

Memorable info

Birthday: 28th May 1949

Died: 8th June 1995 (Aged 46)

Full Name: Joseph Sugden


Father Jacob Sugden

Mother Annie Sugden

Siblings Jack Sugden, Peggy Skilbeck

Grandfathers Joseph Sugden, Sam Pearson

Grandmothers Margaret Sugden, Grace Pearson

Spouses Christine Sharp (1974-1976), Kate Hughes (1989-1991)

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