Emmie janey

Janey Blakey in 1973.


Janie Harker (right) with Joe Sugden at Pat Sugden's funeral, 1986

Janie Blakey (nee Harker) was a character in Emmerdale from 1972 to 1974 and a short spell in 1986, last appearing in Episode 1082 (9th September 1986). She dated and wed local blacksmith Frank Blakey in 1973 and left Beckindale in January 1974 when Frank became a schoolteacher 200 miles away in Essex. Janie came back to the village briefly in 1986, by which time her marriage to Frank was over. As she was heading back to Essex she heard news of her sister Pat Sugden's death and returned. From 1972 to 1974 Janie was played by Diane Grayson and in 1986 was played by Lesley Duff.



Janie Harker was born in Beckindale in 1951 to Robert and Dolly Harker. She was the younger sister of Pat Harker. The Harkers lived next door to the Merrick family. Janie went to school with Sharon Crossthwaite.


In 1972 Janie Harker was dating Frank Blakey, who ran the forge in Beckindale. They married in March 1973 and in January 1974 Frank was offered a teaching job in Essex. Janie and Frank left the village. Janie did not return to Beckindale for 12 years until the summer of 1986 when she had divorced Frank and had reverted back to her maiden name. Amos Brearly took a bit of a shine to her as he remembered her from before. In August 1986, now aged 35 and single again, Janie returned to Beckindale for a visit. Her sister Pat Sugden was killed when driving home from dropping Janie off at the station in late August. Janie returned for Pat's funeral. She last appeared in September 1986 when Tom Merrick gave her a lift to the train station a week after her sister Pat's funeral. She has not been seen or heard from since.


Father David Harker

Mother Dolly Harker

Siblings Pat Sugden

Spouse Frank Blakey (1973-??)

Aunts/Uncles Tom Harker, Elsie Harker

Nephews/Nieces Jackie Merrick, Robert Sugden

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