Jai Sharma is a character in Emm
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Jai Sharma.

erdale. He first appeared in Episode 5398 (11th September 2009) with his brother Nikhil and sister Priya. They bought some land and opened up a sweet factory outside the village. Jai became romantically involved with Charity Tate, much to the annoyance of her cousin and lover Cain Dingle. Jai was once accused of attacking Cain but the real attacker was revealed to be Zak Dingle even though Cain tried to frame Jai by saying it was him. Jai is now married to Charity but got Rachel Breckle pregnant in 2012. Jai is played by Chris Bisson.



Jai Sharma was born on the 20 July 1975, the eldest child of Rishi Sharma and Georgia Sharma. Jai met Declan Macey in 1991 and had a brief fling with his wife Ella Hart. In November 1992, Ella gave birth to a daughter Mia Macey. Ella let Declan think Mai was his.


Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: September 1975

Full Name: Jai Sharma


Father Rishi Sharma

Mother Georgia Sharma

Siblings Nikhil Sharma, Priya Sharma

Spouse Charity Dingle (2012-2014), Megan Macey (2015-)

Children Mia Macey (1992), Archie Breckle (2012), Eliza Macey (2016)

Nieces/Nephews Molly Sharma, Amba Metcalfe

First cousins Anisha Sharma