Emmie hotten road bus crash

The Hotten Road in 2000.

Emmie hotten road plane crash

Hotten Road on the night of the plane crash, 30 Dec 1993.

The Hotten Road is the main road which runs through Emmerdale and the juction of Main Street meets Hotten road. To the right of Main Street leads towards Robblesfield, and to the left it goes to Hotten.


Buildings down Hotten RoadEdit

Before the plane crash, Hotten Road had a number o
Emmie ruined house plane crash

Ruined house on the Hotten road, Beckindale after the plane crash, 30 December 1993.

f buildings that were destroyed in the plane crash such as the modern looking barn near Smithy Cottage plus a few houses beyond Brook Cottage (Mill Brook Cottage).

Some buildings survived the plane crash and remain to this day. These buildings are:-

Former buildings down Hotten road (destroyed in plane crash of 1993)Edit