Holly Barton
Emmie holly barton

Holly Barton.

was the eldest daughter of John and Moira Barton. She has appeared in July 2009 until an initial departure in June 2012 when she had her sister Hannah Barton went to live in London. She returned in March 2016, and was using again, she seemed to be clean again but died of a drug overdose in September 2016. Holly was played by Sophie Powles.

Holly had a controversial drugs storyline in 2010 and due to her fathers death in 2012 took drugs again.



Emmie holly on franks grave

Holly, drugged up, on Frank Tate's grave.

2009 to 2012Edit

In 2009

2016 Edit

24th March, Cain's BMW was stolen. Moria and Cain gave chase and eventually Moira drove the car off the road into a field. The pair confronted the masked driver who revealed herself to be, a now blonde, Holly. Holly was back into drugs again and stole to feed her habit. Holly became friends with Jai Sharma.

Holly died of a drugs overdose in October 2016 aged just 25. At a meeting for drug addicts Jai met a lookalike of Holly, Nell Fairfax.

Memorable infoEdit

Born 25th May 1991

Died 29th September 2016 (aged 25) (Died of a drug overdose)


Father John Barton

Mother Moira Barton

Uncle James Barton

Siblings Hannah BartonAdam Barton (half, same mother), 

Cousins Pete BartonRoss BartonFinn Barton

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