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Harriet Finch
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Harriet Finch.

is a character in Emmerdale who first appeared in Episode 6719 (21st November 2013). She is a second cousin of village resident Edna Birch. Harriet and former vicar Ashley Thomas vied for the job as new Emmerdale vicar after Reverand Jude Watson announced he is moving on. Ashley won but later relinquished the position to Harriet. Harriet, a former resident of Leeds is feisty and is set to shake up the village. Harriet is played by Katherine Dow Blyton.



Harriet Finch was born in about 1965. Her mother was Mildred, whose cousin Edna Birch lived in Beckindale (now Emmerdale). Harriet worked as a policewoman in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


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Memorable infoEdit

Born: Unknown

Full Name:

It is unknown if Finch is Harriet's maiden name or her married name.


Mother Mildred

Second cousin once removed Edna Birch

See alsoEdit

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