Hannah Elizabeth Gough was the great, great grandmother of Sam Pearson. She was born in Beckindale to Samuel and Elizabeth Gough in 1784 and had an elder brother James. Hannah Elizabeth Gough was mentioned in a few episodes of Emmerdale Farm in 1978. Behind The Woolpack when the gas man, Abraham Scarsdale was digging out the gas main to see what the fault was some bones were spotted. A locket had been left there saying "Hannah Elizabeth. 1784" and it turned out to be that of a Hannah Elizabeth Gough who was born in Beckindale in 1784, after Reverand Donald Hinton searched through the parish registers.

Rev Hinton and the stand in schoolteacher Antony Moeketski found she had married on 23 May 1800 in neighbouring Robblesfield to a Matthew Pearson.



Hannah Elizabeth Gough was born in 1784 in Beckindale to Samuel Gough and Elizabeth Gough. She had an older brother James Gough born in 1782.


Father Samuel Gough

Mother Elizabeth Gough

Siblings James Gough

Spouse Matthew Pearson (1800-1803)

Children Jeremiah Pearson (1803)

Great, great grandchildren Sam Pearson, Rosemary Pearson

Great, Great, Great grandchildren Annie Sugden

Great, Great, Great, Great Grandchildren Jack Sugden, Peggy Skilbeck, Joe Sugden

Great, Great, Great, Great, Great grandchildren Jackie Merrick, Robert Sugden, Victoria Sugden, Samuel and Sally Skilbeck

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