Emmie Main Street 2002

Emmerdale Village at Harewood, Yorkshire. Built in 1997 as a replica of Esholt.

The geography of the fictional village has always been intriguing and amazing. Beckindale (Emmerdale since 1994) has a fruitful geography and due to different real life locations being used to represent the same village and/or same property in the village the geography of the village has been rejigged and never been consistent. Since 1998 when they built the new Harewood puropse built set the geography has been pinned down more but from 1972 to 1997 there was not much continuity to the village.

In the 21st Anniversary Video in 1993 producer Tim Fee said they always had problems with the geography of the village and hoiw all the fictional locations fit together. The plane crash of December 1993 allowed the production team to redraw the village layout, Demdyke Row was gone as was the Woolpack wine bar and several farm buildings seen or mentioned in the show.

This page aims to explain the deliberate rejigging of parts of the village over the years and some changes explained onscreen.

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