Emmie franklin prescott

Franklin Prescott.

Franklin Prescott was a minor character who appeared in 21 episodes of Emmerdale Farm in February, May, June and July 1974. He first appeared in Episode 135 (11th February 1974) and last appeared in Episode 176 (9th July 1974). He was an old business acquaintance of Henry Wilks. One night when he was in London Dryden Hogben did some work at his house and stayed the night. Word spread and Franklin wondered if Dry had slept with Diana. Dry strongly denied this. Franklin was a heavy drinker. He was played by Donald Morley.



Franklin Prescott was born and bred in Bradford. He went into business and later become a business acquaintance of Henry Wilks, a Bradford wool factory owner. Franlkin was married to Diana and was a heavy drinker. They decided to move to Beckindale where by chance they found Henry Wilks living there. Franklin was to commute daily from Beckindale to Bradford.


Emmie frankie prezzacott

Franklin makes a show of himself again in February 1974.

Franklin Prescott arrived in Beckindale in February 1974. He bought the old Crossthwaite's Cottage, Cottells Lane.


Spouse Diana Prescott



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