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Frank Tate.

Francis Ronald "Frank" Tate was a character in Emmerdale from 1989 to 1997. He first appeared on the Episode 1405 (21st November 1989) and last appeared in Episode 2209 (27th May 1997). He arrived in the village in 1989 when he bought Home Farm and moved in with his wife Kim and two grown up children Chris and Zoe Tate.He was a tough businessman with a sometimes villainous edge. Frank died of a heart attack in 1997 and his evil wife Kim watched him die. He was played by actor Norman Bowler.


Francis Ronald Tate


1st October, 1937


27th May 1997


Nigel Tate


Jean Tate Snr (1962-1984), Kim Barker (1986-1993, 1994-1997)


Liam Hammond (1961), Chris Tate (1963), Zoe Tate, (1968), James Tate (1996)


Haulage Company Owner

Played by

Norman Bowler

Tate, Frank-first shot-1989-11-29

Frank Tate wearing a walkman in Home Farm. First ever shot. November 1989.


Francis Ronald Tate was born on the 1st October 1937 in Yorkshire to Nigel Tate and Mrs Tate. In 1960, Frank dated a woman and in November 1960, she became pregnant with his baby. Frank soon left her, not knowing she was pregnant. He became a father to an illegitimate son called Liam Hammond in August 1961.

Frank met Jean shortly afterwards and they married in 1962 and they had 2 children, Christopher Francis Tate in December 1963 and Zoe in April 1968. Frank ran Tate Haulage, a haulage firm and it made him very rich. Frank's illegitimate son Liam grew up in poverty which Frank and his subsequent children lived the life of luxury. Frank never knew of Liam's existence. (It was only after he died, that Liam got revenge on his late father through his son Chris by kidnapping him).

In 1984, Jean Tate fell ill to cancer and Frank assisted her suicide. In 1986 he remarried to a much younger woman, 27 year old Kim Barker. By 1989, Frank was a multi millionaire. He decided to retire in 1989 aged 52 and bought Home Farm.


Emmie hotten road devastation plane crash

Frank Tate driving through Beckindale after the plane crash. 30 Dec 1993.

Frank Tate bought Home Farm in November 1989 and moved in with his children Chris and Zoe. He dreamt of the life

of breeding horses and playing golf. He was a tough businessman but also had a bit of a villainous streak in him. He ran Tate Haulage. He offered Matt Skilbeck a job in West Raynham, Norfolk. Frank soon was established as the new lord of the manor.

In 1990, Frank was revealed as having helped his wife Jean to die of cancer in 1984. Frank was dubbed a "Ladykiller" by his employee George Starkey.

In 1990, Jock MacDonald was sacked by Frank for blackmailing him. Jock torched a Home Farm stable and was arrested. Frank and Kim's marriage hit the rocks when in 1992 she dated Rt Hon Neil Kincaid. Frank was so mad that at the New Years Hunt on the 1st January 1993, Frank violently assaulted Neil. He had to be restrained by Chris and several others. Frank then had a long battle with the booze. He wanted to get back with Kim and even bought her a Christmas present at Christmas 1993. He drove up to Kim's Stables, Home Farm and sat in his car, stewing over whether to give Kim her late Christmas present. A plane crashed on the village, and a fireball hit Kim's stables. During the night, Frank helped villagers and the emergency services. But his son Chris Tate was left paralysed after a fireball hit the Woolpack wine bar. The crash reunited Frank and Kim. They remarried in December 1994 at Ripon Cathedral.

In 1995, Frank went to war with the local Dingle family when he wanted them out of the 2 storey barn they lived in which was part of Holdgate Farm. Mr Holdgate had recently died. The Dingle's won their war against Frank tate and the cottage became Wishing Well Cottage. That year, he had a heart attack and his health started to fail. He then found that Kim was cheating on him again, this time with Dave Glover. Kim later found that she was pregnant. Either Frank or Dave was the father. Frank also developed a relationship with much younger Tina Dingle. In September 1996, Kim gave birth to her son James Tate. Frank paid her £1 million to name him as the father but he was revealed to be James' biological father anyway. In September 1996 Frank planned a quarry in the village and many villagers protested, especially Jack Sugden. Dave Glover died in December 1996 when rescuing baby James from a fire at Home Farm.

Kim and Frank warred, she even pretended she had died and had Frank arrested but she was revealed to be alive and in May 1997 she watched Frank suffer another heart attack. She left him to die. Frank lay dying on the floor overnight. Zoe found him the next day and he was still just about alive but very weak. Frank tried to say to her that Kim had returned but then died suddenly and the truth over his death was never exposed. Frank was just 59 years old when he died. Frank was buried in Emmerdale Village Cemetery.


  • Frank's legacy lived on years after he died and he has been mentioned many times since. In Episode 2365 (22nd May 1998) the first anniversary of his death was marked when Kim and Zoe had a fight at his grave. In Episode 2473 (19th January 1999), Kim confessed to Chris that she watched Frank die. Later that year it was revealed that Frank had an illegitimate son called Liam Hammond. Frank was mentioned in 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2017.
  • The 2012 mention was by Cain Dingle, who first arrived in March 2000, 3 years after Frank died but heard all about Frank through his rivalry with Chris Tate in 2001-2003, and Cain took Charity to Frank and Chris' gravestone in 2009. In Episode 8007 (6th December 2017), over 20 years after he died, Frank was mentioned again, by Zak Dingle when Zak said how Frank tried to evict them from their home in 1995.
  • In Janaury 2018, a Tate was back at Home Farm when Frank's grandson Joe Tate bought the property off Lawrence White.



"Good grief. A farmer bang on time. Sorry if I made you jump, didn't hear you come in". First line

"So what do you call this Dave? Overtime?" to his employee Dave when he sees him in bed with Kim Tate.

"You made one little mistake." To Kim after finding out about her affair with Neil Kincaid.

"Kim" Final Line

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 1st October 1937

Died: 27th May 1997 (Aged 59) heart attack

FullName: Francis Ronald Tate


Father Nigel Tate

Spouse Jean Tate (c1962-1984), Kim Barker (1986-1997)

Children Liam Hammond (1961), Chris Tate (1963), Zoe Tate (1968), James Tate (1996)

Grandchildren Joseph Tate, Noah Macey, Jean Tate Jnr

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